Friday, June 11, 2010


After reading over the new updates from the blogs I frequent I came across a post by Beyond Jennifer and Jason. Jennifer discussed being a military wife and having friends move away. She admitted that she was kind of jealous of their opportunity to leave their current duty station and moving to new places. She talked about how common it is that families associated with the military talk about their "dream" duty stations. I can attest this is true.

Our dream duty station is Fort Carson, Colorado. Our reasons being, it's closer to our families (not too close, if you know what I mean ;) ), the weather seems perfect, a city close by, university I can transfer to and so many activities! Plus, we've only heard good things about Fort Carson which is pretty impressive because usually everyone always have something negative to say about different posts.

As this is my first post (eek!) I should probably introduce myself! My name is Jessica and I'm married to Isaac. We've been married for three and a half years and have been together for five. Might I add the best five years of my life. I have never felt so loved and alive as I have these past five years, they have definitely been an adventure! We have an almost three year old Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix named Navarro. Human children are in our future plans and we are both experiencing baby fever but we're going against the urge and holding off until I finish school. Isaac is currently deployed for a year to Afghanistan. This is not our first deployment and surely not our last.

With this blog I hope to be able to come here and share my thoughts, my feelings and my everyday adventures.

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