Monday, June 14, 2010

I can finally relax…a little.

After talking to my husband this morning on Skype I sat down on the couch, leaned back and took a deep breath. I felt a small sense of peace knowing that he made it there safe, he obtained an internet connection and I will have the privilege of being able to communicate with him somewhat frequently.

I feel lucky. Our last deployment was not like this at all. Our last was actually our first. We had no idea what to expect and our communication was limited. And on top of that it lasted fifteen looooong months. My fingers are crossed that this deployment will only last twelve.

I miss him terribly and the house feels so big and empty without him in it. I do feel more confident this time around. I didn’t handle deployment day as badly as I thought I would and the past two weeks have been so jammed packed with stuff that I finally was able to take a big deep breath today. I truly hope this deployment flies by.

And speaking of flying…today is Flag Day.

One thing I love about living on post is the amount of American flags being flown. They’ve even decorated the main gate with flags all along the road. I love it!

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