Saturday, January 29, 2011

Studious Maximus

Have I told you I'm a student? Well, I am. I'm currently finishing my last semester of my associate degree. I've chosen not to walking at the commencement ceremony; Mr. I will still be in Afghanistan and quite honestly, this isn't what I've been working so hard towards. I'm really working towards my bachelors degree and by getting an associates makes it easier to transfer. My major is social work and I cannot wait to start the social work program at my next school!

Mr. I and I are moving at the end of the summer. We're moving to.......drum roll please......Colorado! We have both been wanting to live there for a long time, and that wish is finally coming true! We are both ecstatic. I have images of us hiking the beautiful mountains and rafting down the Arkansas River. We will actually be able to spend holidays with family! I cannot wait!

 Anyway, I must get back to my homework!

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