Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"I miss the way you smell..."

Those were the words from my husband. He is strange in the sense that he doesn't normally want care packages because he's thinks they are a waste of money. He says he has the bare essentials out there and that is all he needs. But when he said, "I miss the way you smell, could you send me something with your perfume on it?" I knew he was having a rough time.

Our ACS (Army Community Services) has something called "The Pillow Case Project." They offer deployed soldiers and their families two free pillow cases with a picture of their loved ones on it. When Mr. I asked me to send something that smelled like me, I immediately thought of this program. I picked up our pillow cases this afternoon and this turned out fabulous!

I'm going to make it a Valentine's Day care package with a couple cards, some treats and I'm gonna write "100 reasons why I love you." It will be a totally cheesy care package but I think Mr. I needs that right now.

I will mail it out tomorrow. I can't wait until he gets it!

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