Thursday, March 31, 2011

AHHHHHHH!!! First Blog Award! Woot! Woot!

I got my first blogger award! It truly made my morning.
Thank you so much Ashley from over at A Half a World Away!
Now, this award comes with some rules, here they are:  
  • Thank and link to the person who gave you the award. (check)
  • Tell 7 random facts about yourself. (check)
  • Pass on the award. (check check)
  • Tell them the rules. (check)


7 random facts about myself.....

  1. My eyes are two different colors. One eye is about 3/4 brown with some blue and the other eye is all blue. 
  2. I don't like going to the movies. The other people in the theater drive me crazy! They text, their baby cries (I know I'm a horrible person), they cough (again, I know I'm a horrible person), they chew their popcorn loudly and for a $10 ticket and $10 drink I'm paying to put myself through this? Nah, I'd rather Netflix it in 6 months. I can wait.
  3. I LOVE bargain hunting! Give me a flea market, thift store, Target clearance section, or any store clearance section for that matter. I love it. I love it. I love it!
  4. I would rather sweat it out in 100 degree temps than freeze at 30 degrees.
  5. I watch the show Coming Home even though it makes me brawl my eyes out and makes me look like I got punched in the face the next day.
  6. I must have a cup of tea a day.
  7. I'm a board game fanatic.  

 Now, onto passing the award on to other bloggers...


  1. I love bargain hunting too! It makes me so happy to save even a little bit of money on something, lol.

  2. Awesome! Awards are fun. :) Ooh, I love bargain hunting too. Hey, was just stopping by from Milspouse Friday fill-in. :) Have an wonderful day.